Pre-deployment and reunion briefings are available to military members and their families (if applicable). These briefings are designed to help members prepare for lengthy TDY's/deployments. Issues such as emergency contacts, financial concerns, household issues, and the importance of power of attorney and wills are some of the topics covered. Other discussions focus on the emotional side of separation to include sustainment activities and reunions. Readiness issues pertain to single members as well as those with families. Call to get scheduled for this educational briefing. Spouses are highly encouraged to participate. To subscribe to the monthly Readiness Newsletter, contact TSgt Palmer at


Tips and tools to bring families together to develop strategies for keeping the deployment experience a positive one. Items include; story books, activity books, count-down calendars and letter writing kits. Additional items are DVD's and pocket-size reference guides. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view the latest Readiness Newsletter with updates on programs and special events!


The Air Force Aid Society will pay to have the 'primary family vehicle' of active duty Air Force members safety inspected and an oil change performed to ensure the automobile will make it through a lengthy TDY, deployment, or remote tour. This service is provided at the base Service Station and is intended for the spouse of service members who are deployed for 30 days or longer. You will need to provide the Airman and Family Readiness Center with a copy of orders to receive a certificate. If urgent safety issues are identified for repair, families are encouraged to return to the Airman and Family Readiness Center to discuss a possible interest-free loan from the Air Force Aid Society.

Applicable Family Life Education Services

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